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Croatia holidays
Croatia holidays
The expansive beaches, crystalline waters, pretty coves and delicious cuisine are the main attractions on Croatia holidays.
All Inclusive Croatia holidays
Today's your lucky day all inclusive Croatia holidays.
holidays Croatia
Fine wine and dining are the main highlights on holidays in Croatia.
Croatia holidays
Croatia holidays reviews and guide.

Holidays for Croatia

If there is one thing that would so obvious to you during your All Inclusive Croatia, this would be the existence of numerous fortresses in the country, which may be a sign of its insecurity during the ancient wars but which make up a good tourism destination today. The Walls of Dubrovnik should be part of your All Inclusive Croatia, as this defensive stone wall surrounded and used to protect the inhabitants of the maritime city of Dubrovnik. The citizens built the Dubrovnik Fortress themselves following the designs of different architects from Nicifor Ranjina in 1319 to Mihajilo Hranjac in 1617 and many others in between. The 80-feet Fortress, which is made of limestone, has remained well-preserved up to now and is open to the public daily from May to October. Thanks to this great fortification which is considered one of the greatest in the world, and is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Dubrovnik has never been breached by hostile forces.
The Gate of Pila is another well-fortified complex you should see during your Croatia holidays. The wooden drawbridge leading to the Pila Gate used to be hoisted nightly as part of a pomp ceremony to deliver the keys of the city to the Ragusan rector. You will still see the statue of Saint Blaise, the city’s patron, just above the bridge. Once you pass the original gothic inner gateway during your Croatia Holidays, you can now get into one of the three possible access points to the walls of the city. And while you’re there, make sure to check out the Gate of Ploca which is the second major entrance to the city. There you will see the Revelin Fortress which protects the gate.

Visit the St. John Fortress during your All Inclusive Holidays in Croatia, which was built between 1346 and 1557, but which has a look that dates back to the 16th century. This is one of the city’s most important defence fortifications and was meant to be the city harbour’s main defence. The original fort tower was built in the 14th century but you will see during your All Inclusive Croatia Holidays that the fortress has been partly rebuilt, reinforced and some parts added to it until it got the semi-circular form. Aside from the fortress, you will also see the Ethnographic Museum, the Maritime Museum and Aquarium right inside the ancient buildings.

While on your Croatia all inclusive you should include a visit to the Anton Ferramollino designed Revelin Fortress, built in the 1500’s as an uneven square. This was supposed to protect the city bridge and harbour many years ago, but today acts as a forum for entertainers during the summer. Your Croatia Holidays will take you on a journey to the city’s most unsettled periods, which forced them to build the fortresses as part of their primary defence, not knowing that it will be one of the reasons for people to actually flock to the city in the future.
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Croatia holidays

Croatia holidays

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Croatia holidays
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