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All Inclusive Holidays in Paphos reviews and guide.

During the Roman times, Paphos served as the capital city of Cyprus. From a quaint and quiet village, it has grown and became one of the most popular holiday destinations. The modern Paphos, home to less than fifty thousand locals, continues to remain an attractive fishing harbour. Ktima, one of the two major divisions of the area, is the main residential district while Kato Paphos, located by the sea, embraces the entertainment district of the metropolitan. Both are interconnected by the St. Paul’s Avenue (Apostolou Pavlou Avenue), the busiest in the city.

All Inclusive Holidays in Paphos reviews and guide.

Paphos, just like any other city in Cyprus, boasts of a pleasant weather all year round. It is because of this holidays in Paphos never tire and enjoy not only it’s crystal-clear waters and fine sandy beaches but also to explore the many surprises that the historic city never ceases to come up with. Just a few reasons for holidays in Paphos

Holidays to Paphos offers an endless list of attractions that will completely leave you jaw-dropping with matching oohs and aahs at every sight. Paphos’s natural attractions that include the Troodos Mountains, the Akamas Peninsula, and the Paphos Forest are enough to get you amazed at how nature has uniquely blessed the resort, this is another reason for Paphos holidays.

>For the beach lovers while on your paphos holidays there’s the quieter, more peaceful Faros Beach. The Municipal Beach is located at the heart of the city and is also an easy access for those who love to wade and swim in the turquoise waters or simply bask in the sun. Family holidays to Paphos will enjoy various watersports, guided boat trips, and an assortment of other sports activities around the beaches and waterparks.

Holidays in Paphos are not limited to the beach, beyond here are ancient tombs and remarkable remnants from the Roman times. Most of which have earned Paphos a World Heritage Site title from UNESCO. The archaeological museum displays great finds of relics and priceless pieces that’shines of the cities incomparable history and culture. Visit the Tombs of the Kings and be mesmerized by the beauty that it has to offer. This may be your best reason for holidays in Paphos

Of course, Paphos holidays, just like any holiday experience, is always made complete by shopping for souvenirs and what-nots that one can bring home. Hundreds of tourist markets, souvenir shops, and craft boutiques abound in the city. Get dizzy choosing and picking from the great assortment of surprises that one can avail from these shops from hand-woven lace to beautiful paintings, from wines and liquors to the local delicacies, and a whole lot more. All inclusive holidays to Paphos are an endlessly enjoyable experiences.