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Sunrise Beach Hotel Cyprus

Sunrise Beach Hotel Cyprus reviews and guide.

A hotel offering an elegant and a luxurious experience, Sunrise Beach Hotel Protaras is a must visit place. The staff of Sunrise Beach Hotel Protaras strives hard to ensure that highest standards of amenities are provided to the guests. Not only is the luxurious amenities, even the management of the hotel very well maintained. You will get the most luxurious experience without compromising on the efficiency of the staff. They will always greet you with a sweet smile.

Sunrise Beach Hotel Cyprus reviews and guide.

Apt for beach lovers, Sunrise Beach Hotel Cyprus offers a perfect backdrop for people who want to have a quiet and friendly holiday. With the hustle and bustle far away, you can just have a relaxing time at Sunrise Beach Hotel Cyprus. With the beachfront location and such luxurious amenities, you will feel like having a palace like experience.

The beach is obviously the highlight of the hotel, but the interior is also as luxurious. The wonderful gardens and the lagoon style pool in Sunrise Beach Hotel Protaras are other relaxing spots. The palm tree and the awesome swim-up pool bar are the jewels of the pool area. Water sports, children’s pool, sports zone and games room are other entertainment areas at Sunrise Beach Hotel Protaras.

A total of 235 luxuriously designed rooms are spread across Sunrise Beach Hotel Cyprus. They include a private balcony and a mini bar among other services. Families can also take up connecting rooms. Also special are the meals served here. The variety and the taste are truly great. Sunrise Beach Hotel Cyprus manages to give a sophisticated and elegant staying experience at affordable prices.