Rhodes Town

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  • If you are heading to Rhodes for a holiday then the old town is a must . It's like stepping back in time , the cobblestone streets are a treat and there is shopping for all types of tourists . If history is your thing then there is plenty to be had . Loads of bars , restaurant and even great traditional Greek takeaway food ( sorry no McDonald , just real good food) . But beware as there are scammers about . Around the Jewish square is a bar that also does food and has no prices , they lure you in with getting your picture took with the parrots the have there. Then pull you in for a drink . W... Read More
  • Wander the cobbled and meandering streets of an ancient city which is a UNESCO world heritage site. Every turn will reveal another magical tableau-shaded tavernas, bougainvillea trailing down massive stone walls, the vibrant exotic colors of a merchant's wares. Bring a camera because your inner photographer is going to want to catch every iron-studded, red, 8 ft. door you see. All the architecture. All the doors. They sometimes are left open just wide enough so you can gawk at serene, verdant, and sunlight dappled courtyards. And cats napping.
  • A fantastic very well preserved medieval castle. You have to visit the Palace and the numerous made by stone beautiful buildings. The gates are amazing and there are many restaurants and shops. It is a superb place that definitely deserves an everyday visit when you are in Rodos Island.
  • Great to meander and explore the old city. Lots of fabulous leather goods and local produce. No pressure from traders. If you are not interested they take no for an answer. Great selection of shops and restaurants.
  • What can you say! A complete castle with ample museums within plus history and grace. This world heritage listed castle is a must see if you go to Greece. Make a detour to stay in Rhodes to look at this gem of a place. Everything you need is inside and the atmosphere is friendly and certainly a safe place for families to go.