Rhodes Town

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  • The medieval town of Rhodes once contained the largest enclosed active town in Europe and it's still really "active". A wonderful mix of styles makes the architecture both fascinating and beautiful. Almost every street has something to offer, as well as lots of bars and restaurants. I had a really memorable time here, a must visit place!
  • Beautiful architecture and flair. Too bad all restaurants look as the perfect tourist traps. Waiters that want to drag you in. We actually planned to go to a restaurant but then didn't eat there because of the annoying talk to get us in with naming us "my friends". In April it is not very crowded and the weather was really nice. In the evening it's fresh though. At the end we couldn't find a nice place to eat. Either smoking inside or just tourist picture menus. Whole Rhodos seems to be a bit overrated to me. It has nice spots but I think most other Aegean islands have more to offer. Every... Read More
  • Wonderful Place of History The Palace is a must see Old Rhodes Town The Jewellers and other shops in fitting with the Era didn't think cheap Tourist Shops were in fitting with history but seems to be what some people want Greek People are very hospitable and make you feel very welcome.
  • Great Castle but better if motorcycles either were ban or required to go slow and yield right if way to pedestrians!
  • Lots of history but not much to see as it's all fallen down now.